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Charles CHAPELL (1784-1865)

Charles CHAPELL, son of John CHAPELL (1741-1765) and Mary OLIVER (1745- ), was born on 1 April 1784 in Kingsand, Cornwall. He was in the Masters Mate in 1805 in Battle of Trafalgar. The address was: HMS Victory. He married Sarah SEARLE on 26 September 1809 in Deptford, Kent. He appeared in the census on 7 June 1841 in St.Johns, Cornwall aged 55.1 The address was: Church Town. On 7 June 1841 he was a Navy Half Pay in St.Johns aged 55.1 He died on 4 May 1865 in Torpoint, Cornwall aged 81.


Charles Chappell.

Ship: HMS Victory

Rank/Rating: Master's Mate

Personal details

Alternative last name(s) Chapell

Service details

Comments: From: Guerrier/ Naiad

HMS Victory

Ship's pay book number: (SLVO 928)

9 October 1805 to 4 November 1805 (Was at Trafalgar)

Rank/rating: Master's Mate

HMS Queen

Sources used

Catalogue reference: ADM 36/15900

The Duty of the Master.

He is to repair on Board, and obey his Commanders Orders, for the Dispatch of what is to be done towards her fitting out.

He is to inspect the Provisions and Stores sent a Board, and of what appears not good, he is to acquaint the Captain.

He is to take care of the Ballast, and see that it be clean and wholesome, and sign the Quantity delivered.

He is to give his Directions in stowing the Hold, for the most Room, Trimming the Ship, and for Preservation of the Provisions.

He is to take singular Care that the Rigging and Stores be duly preserved; and to sign the Carpenter's and Boatswain's Expence Book, taking care not to sign to undue Allowances.

He is to navigate the Ship, under the Directions of his Superior Officer, and see that the Log and Log-Book be duly kept.

He is duly to obeserve the Appearances of Coasts; and if he discovers any new Shoals or Rocks under Water, to note them done in his Journal, with their Bearing and Depth of Water.

He is to keep the Hawser clear when the Ship is at Anchor.

He is to provide himself with proper Instruments, Maps, and Book of Navigation, and keep a regular Journal, nothing therein the going out and coming in of all Stores and Provisions; and when the Ship is laid up, he is to deliver a Copy of the same into the Navy-Office, together with his Log-Book.

He is to be very careful not to sign any Accounts, Books, Lists or Tickets, before he has thoroughly informed himself of the Truth of every Particular contained in the same.

The Duty of the Masters Mate.

The Mate shall take care of the fitting out of the Vessel, and before they put to Sea, shall examine whether it be sufficiently provided with Ropes, Pulleys, Sails, and all other Rigging necessary for the Voyage.

At the Departure he shall see the Anchor hoisted; and during the Voyage he shall visit once a day all the Tackle, high and low, and if he observes any thing amiss, he shall acquaint the Master.

He shall execute in the Vessel, and cause to be executed Day and Night, the Orders of the Master.

Arriving at a Port, he shall cause the Cables and Anchors to be repaired, and shall have the Care of the Management of the Sails, Yards and Mooring of the Ship.

In case of the Absence or Sickness of the Master, the Mate shall command in his place.


Sarah SEARLE was born in 1790 in Deptford. She appeared in the census on 7 June 1841 in St.Johns aged 50.1 The address was: Church Town. She died in 1864 in Kingsand. She and Charles CHAPELL had the following children:


Charles John Andrew CHAPELL (1815- ). Charles was born in 1815 in Deptford.

John William CHAPELL (1816- ). John was born in 1816 in Deptford.

Emma Susannah CHAPELL (1816- ). Emma was born in 1816 in Deptford.

Frederick Richard CHAPELL (1817- ). Frederick was born in 1817 in Deptford. He married Eliza Ann SIFLEET in 1846.

Henry CHAPELL (1820- ). Henry was born in 1820 in Deptford. He appeared in the census on 7 June 1841 in St.Johns aged 20.1 The address was: Church Town. He married Elizabeth BROWN in 1856.

Mary Ann CHAPELL (1821- ). Mary was born in 1821 in Deptford.

Sarah Ann CHAPELL (1825- ). Sarah was born in 1825 in Deptford. She appeared in the census on 7 June 1841 in St.Johns aged 15.1 The address was: Church Town. She married on 13 October 1858 in Maker, Cornwall.

James Loveless CHAPELL (1829- ). James was born in 1829 in Kingsand. He appeared in the census on 7 June 1841 in St.Johns aged 10.1 The address was: Church Town. He married Jemima DUNLOP Q1 1859 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth. He appeared in the census in 1861 in Stoke Damerel aged 32. The address was: 12 William Street. In 1861 he was a Surgeon Dentist in Stoke Damerel aged 32.


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