Gordon OSBORN ( - )

Gordon B OSBORN married Violet Elsie SAXON Q3 1915 in St.Germans District.


Violet Elsie SAXON, daughter of Richard Nichols SAXON (1853- ) and Elizabeth Mary JENKINS (1858- ), was born Q3 1893 in Cawsand, Cornwall. She appeared in the census on 31 March 1901 in Cawsand aged 7.1 The address was: Armada Road. She appeared in the census on 2 April 1911 in Torpoint, Cornwall aged 17.2 The address was: Merifield House, Merifield. She died in November 1988 in East Retford, Nottinghamshire. She and Gordon B OSBORN had the following children:


Niel J OSBORN (1916- ). Niel was born in 1916 in St.Germans District.

Lennox OSBORN (1918- ). Lennox was born in 1918 in St.Germans District.

Roy OSBORN (1922- ). Roy was born in 1922 in St.Germans District.

Roma V OSBORN (1926- ). Roma was born in 1926 in East Retford.

Terence OSBORN (1930- ). Terence was born in 1930 in East Retford.


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Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Infirmity
Elizabeth Mary Saxon,Head,M,F,42,,,,Polperro, Cornwall,
Mary H Saxon,Daughter,S,F,17,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Lilian M Saxon,Daughter,S,F,14,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Amy F Saxon,Daughter,S,F,11,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Violet E Saxon,Daughter,S,F,7,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Iris Saxon,Daughter,S,F,5,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
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Richard Nichols Saxon,Head,M,57,M,31,6,5,1,Lieutenant RN (Retired),,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,,
Elizabeth Mary Saxon,Wife,F,52,M,,,,,,,,,Polperro, Cornwall,,
Amy F Saxon,Daughter,F,21,S,,,,,,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,,
Violet E Saxon,Daughter,F,17,S,,,,,,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,,
Iris Saxon,Daughter,F,15,S,,,,,,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,,
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