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Frederick HARDY (1874- )

Frederick HARDY, son of William John Jose HARDY (1843-1926) and Harriet Hales JOHNS (1840-1910), was born Q2 1874 in Kingsand, Cornwall. He appeared in the census on 3 April 1881 in Cremyll, Cornwall aged 5.1 The address was: Franks Quarry. He appeared in the census on 31 March 1901 in Cremyll aged 27.2 The address was: Yard Cottage. On 31 March 1901 he was a Shipwright in Cremyll.2 He appeared in the census on 2 April 1911 in Plymouth, Devon aged 37.3 The address was: 27 Torr View Avenue, Peverell. On 2 April 1911 he was a Shipwright in Plymouth.3


1"1881 Census". RG11.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born,Infirmity
William John Jose Hardy,Head,Mar,M,38,Shipwright,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Harriet Hales Hardy,Wife,Mar,F,39,,Kingsand, Cornwall,
William John Hardy,Son,Unm,M,13,Scholar,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Harriet Ann Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,12,,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Ernest Hardy,Son,Unm,M,8,,Maker, Cornwall,
Frederick Hardy,Son,Unm,M,5,,Maker, Cornwall,
Alfred Hardy,Son,Unm,M,4,,Maker, Cornwall,
Marian Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,2,,Maker, Cornwall,
National Archives, Kew.
2"1901 Census". RG13.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Infirmity
William John Jose Hardy,Head,M,M,58,Shipwright,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Harriet Hales Hardy,Wife,M,F,59,,,,Kingsand, Cornwall,
William John Hardy,Son,S,M,33,Shipwright,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Frederick Hardy,Son,S,M,27,Shipwright,,,Maker, Cornwall,
Marian Hardy,Daughter,S,F,22,,,,Maker, Cornwall,
National Archives, Kew.
3"1911 census". RG14.
Name,Relation,Sex,Age,Married,Years,Chd Born,Chd Living,Chd Died,Occupation,Industry,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Nationality,Infirmity
William John Jose Hardy,Head,M,68,W,44,8,5,3,Shipwright HM dockyard,,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,,
Frederick Hardy,Son,M,37,S,,,,,Shipwright,,,,Maker, Cornwall,,
Alfred Hardy,Son,M,34,S,,,,,Shipwright HM Navy,,,,Maker, Cornwall,,
Marian Hardy,Daughter,F,30,M,7,2,2,0,,,,,Maker, Cornwall,,
Stanley Burns,Grandson,M,6,S,,,,,,,,,Devonport, Plymouth,,
Frank Burns,Grandson,M,4,S,,,,,,,,,Devonport, Plymouth,,
National Archives, Kew.