Ann UNKNOWN ( -bef1839)

Ann UNKNOWN died between 1834 and 1839. She married Richard HARDY.


Richard HARDY was born in 1798 in Cawsand, Cornwall. He appeared in the census on 30 March 1851 in Cawsand aged 52.1 The address was: Millpool Road, Rame. On 30 March 1851 he was a Superannuated Carpenter RN in Cawsand.1 On 25 November 1852 he was a Carpenter RN. He appeared in the census on 7 April 1861 in Cawsand aged 62.2 The address was: Rame. On 7 April 1861 he was a Greenwich PensionerSuperannuated Officer RN in Cawsand.2 He and Ann UNKNOWN had the following children:


Susanna HARDY (1822- ). Susanna was born in 1822 in Rame, Cornwall. She was baptised on 2 March 1823 in Rame. The address was: Rame Church. She appeared in the census on 6 June 1841 in Cawsand aged 18.3 The address was: Millpool Place.

Richard HARDY (1830- ). Richard was born in 1830 in Cawsand. He was baptised on 21 November 1830 in Rame. The address was: Rame Church. He appeared in the census on 6 June 1841 in Cawsand aged 10.3 The address was: Millpool Place. He married Catherine BRICKWOOD on 25 November 1852 in Maker, Cornwall when he was 22. St.Germans 5c/79. Richard appeared in the census on 3 April 1881 in Cawsand aged 50.4 The address was: Millpool Head. On 3 April 1881 he was a Naval Pensioner in Cawsand.4 He appeared in the census on 5 April 1891 in Cawsand aged 60.5 The address was: Rame Road. On 5 April 1891 he was a WO Retired (RN) in Cawsand.5

Peter Oliver HARDY (1834- ). Peter was born in 1834 in Rame. He was baptised on 31 March 1834 in Rame. The address was: Rame Church. He appeared in the census on 6 June 1841 in Cawsand aged 7.3 The address was: Millpool Place.


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Thomasine Hardy,Wife,Mar,F,36,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Ann Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,11,Scholar,Cawsand, Cornwall,
William Hardy,Son,Unm,M,9,Scholar,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Sarah Glinn,Visitor,Unm,F,14,Scholar,Cawsand, Cornwall,
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Mary Jane Hardy,Daughter,S,F,17,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
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