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George EDGCUMBE (1869-1947?)

George Valletort EDGCUMBE, son of Edward Mortimer EDGCUMBE (1847-1890) and Constance Bevin BURROWES ( -1922?), was born on 26 January 1869. He married Georgina Mildred BELL in 1897. He died in 1947 (approx.).


Georgina Mildred BELL died in 1941 (approx.). She and George Valletort EDGCUMBE had the following children:


Edward Piers EDGCUMBE (1903-1962). Edward was born on 13 July 1903. He had the title '7th Earl of Mt.Edgcumbe'. He died on 9 December 1962.

George Aubrey Valletort EDGCUMBE (1907-1982). George was born on 15 September 1907. He married Meta LHOYER on 6 April 1935. They were divorced in 1943 when he was 36. He married Una Pamela GEORGE on 15 February 1944. He died in 1982.