Lilian ARKWRIGHT (1875-1964)


Lilian Agnes ARKWRIGHT


Spouse: Kennelm William Edward EDGCUMBE

Lilian Agnes ARKWRIGHT was born in 1875. She married Kennelm William Edward EDGCUMBE on 19 July 1906. She died on 28 September 1964.


only dau. of Col Arthur Chandos Arkwright, of Hatfield Place, Witham, co. Essex, by his wife Agnes Mary Tufnell, only dau. of William Michael Tufnell, of Hatfield Place, Witham, co. Essex.


Kennelm William Edward EDGCUMBE, son of Richard John Frederick EDGCUMBE (1843-1937) and Louisa MONCK ( -1923), was born on 9 October 1873. He had the title '6th Earl of Mt.Edgcumbe'. He died on 10 February 1965.


The barony Edgcumbe of Mount Edgcumbe in the County of Cornwall, was created in 1742. In 1781 the title became Viscount Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort and in 1789 an Earldom was created.

Kenelm William Edward Edgcumbe was a Fellow of University College, London; late Lt-Col RE (TA); JP for Herts; son of the late Richard Edgcumbe; succeeded his cousin to the title in 1944. He married in 1906 Lillian Agnes daughter of Col A C Arkwright of Hatfield Place Essex. They had three daughters and one son who was killed in action in 1940.

He was educated at Harrow (with Winston Churchill who was said to be stupid and unpopular) and studied Electrical Engineering in Germany and at University College, London. He served throughout the 1914-18 war. He was an Hon. Member and past president of the Institution of Electrical Engineers; late Hon. Secretary of the International Electrotechnical Commission; Fellow (Past President) of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Great britain; Member of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers; He was M.I.C.E. and F Inst P.

He was a keen Territorial for 20 years, a DL for the County of Cornwall from 1961 until his death and awarded the Order of St john in 1964. He was succeeded by his cousin Edward Piers Edgcumbe (b 1908) elder son of late George Valletort Edgcumbe who had married in 1944 Victoria Effie Warbrick.

Anthony Cobbold

April 2010.


Kennelm William Edward EDGCUMBE and Lilian Agnes ARKWRIGHT had the following children:


Hilaria Agnes EDGCUMBE (1908-2009). Hilaria was born on 16 January 1908 in London. She married Denis Lucius Alban GIBBS in 1933. She died on 19 November 2009.

Katherine Lilian EDGCUMBE (1910- ). Katherine was born on 1 May 1910. She married Francis C de la P BERESFORD-PEIRSE in 1926.

Margaret Louisa EDGCUMBE (1912-1986). Margaret was born on 21 March 1912. She married Connolly Robert MCCAUSLAND in 1932. She died in 1986.

Piers Richard EDGCUMBE (1914-1940). Piers was born on 22 October 1914 in Braintree, Essex. He died in 1940 in Dunkirk.