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John RICH (1838- )

John Bevan RICH,1 son of William RICH (1810- ) and Alice UNKNOWN (1810- ), was born in 1838 in Okehampton, Devon.1 He appeared in the census on 7 April 1861 in Millbrook, Cornwall aged 22.1 The address was: West Street. On 7 April 1861 he was a Joiner in Millbrook.1 He married Mary Jane CARLINE on 7 September 1861 in Millbrook. The address was: Maker Church.


Mary Jane CARLINE, daughter of Henry CARLINE (1815-bef1891) and Mary RALPH (1816- ), was born in 1841 in Millbrook. She appeared in the census on 6 June 1841 in Millbrook.2 The address was: West Street. She appeared in the census on 30 March 1851 in Millbrook aged 9.3 The address was: West Street. On 30 March 1851 she was a Scholar in Millbrook.3 She appeared in the census on 7 April 1861 in Millbrook aged 19.1 The address was: West Street. She and John Bevan RICH had the following children:


Emma RICH (1861- ). Emma was born in 1861 in Devonport, Plymouth.4 She appeared in the census on 2 April 1871 in Millbrook aged 8.5 The address was: West Street. On 2 April 1871 she was a Scholar in Millbrook.5 She appeared in the census on 3 April 1881 in Millbrook aged 19.4 The address was: 32 West Street. On 3 April 1881 she was a Dressmaker in Millbrook.4


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Mary Carline,Wife,Mar,F,44,,Millbrook, Cornwall,
Mary Jane Carline,Daughter,Unm,F,19,,Millbrook, Cornwall,
Henry Carline,Son,Unm,M,14,Scholar,Millbrook, Cornwall,
Helen Carline,Daughter,Unm,F,7,Scholar,Millbrook, Cornwall,
John B Rich,Brother,Unm,M,22,Joiner,Okehampton, Devon,
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Mary Jane Carline,Daughter,Unm,F,9,Scholar,Millbrook, Cornwall,
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Emma Rich,Granddaughter,Unm,F,19,Dressmaker,Devonport, Plymouth,
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