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Grace WATERMAN (1841- )

Grace Martin WATERMAN, daughter of James WATERMAN (1793-1860) and Grace MARTIN (1797-1861), was born in 1841 in Anderton, Millbrook, Cornwall. She appeared in the census on 6 June 1841 in Millbrook, Cornwall aged 2 months.1 The address was: Anderton. She appeared in the census on 30 March 1851 in Millbrook aged 9.2 The address was: Middle Anderton. On 30 March 1851 she was a Scholar in Millbrook.2 She appeared in the census on 7 April 1861 in Millbrook aged 19.3 The address was: Anderton.


1"1841 Census". HO107.
Name,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born
James Waterman,M,48,Shipwright,N
Grace Waterman,F,44,,Y
Jane Waterman,F,21,,Y
Elizabeth Waterman,F,11,,Y
Mary Ann Waterman,F,9,,Y
James Edward Guy Waterman,M,6,,Y
John Frederick Waterman,M,2,,Y
Grace Martin Waterman,F,2m,,Y
National Archives, Kew.
2"1851 Census". HO107.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born,Infirmity
James Waterman,Head,Mar,M,57,Boat Builder employing 8 men 14 apprentices,Devonport, Plymouth,
Grace Waterman,Wife,Mar,F,53,Home,Millbrook, Cornwall,
James Edward Guy Waterman,Son,Unm,M,15,Apprentice Shipwright,Millbrook, Cornwall,
John Frederick Waterman,Son,Unm,M,11,Scholar,Anderton, Millbrook, Cornwall,
Grace Martin Waterman,Daughter,Unm,F,9,Scholar,Anderton, Millbrook, Cornwall,
Thomas 1845 Waterman,Son,Unm,M,5,Scholar,Anderton, Millbrook, Cornwall,
National Archives, Kew.
3"1861 Census". RG9.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born,Infirmity
Grace Waterman,Head,Wid,F,63,Partner in the Firm (Boatyard Anderton),Millbrook, Cornwall,
Jane Terdre,Daughter,Wid,F,40,,Millbrook, Cornwall,
Mary Ann Waterman,Daughter,Unm,F,29,,Millbrook, Cornwall,
James Edward Guy Waterman,Son,Unm,M,25,Boatbuilder,Millbrook, Cornwall,
John Frederick Waterman,Son,Unm,M,21,Boatbuilder,Anderton, Millbrook, Cornwall,
Grace Martin Waterman,Daughter,Unm,F,19,,Anderton, Millbrook, Cornwall,
Thomas 1845 Waterman,Son,Unm,M,15,Apprentice,Anderton, Millbrook, Cornwall,
Jane Terdre,Granddaughter,Unm,F,14,Scholar,Millbrook, Cornwall,
National Archives, Kew.