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Elizabeth WATERMAN (1829- )

Elizabeth Lorne WATERMAN, daughter of James WATERMAN (1793-1860) and Grace MARTIN (1797-1861), was born in 1829 in Millbrook, Cornwall. She was christened on 24 May 1829 in Millbrook. The address was: Maker Church. She appeared in the census on 6 June 1841 in Millbrook aged 11.1 The address was: Anderton.


No Records Found after 1841 - But there is a death recorded for an Elizabeth Waterman (no middle name) registered in Plymouth in Q4 1846

- Plymouth 9/283.


1"1841 Census". HO107.
Name,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born
James Waterman,M,48,Shipwright,N
Grace Waterman,F,44,,Y
Jane Waterman,F,21,,Y
Elizabeth Waterman,F,11,,Y
Mary Ann Waterman,F,9,,Y
James Edward Guy Waterman,M,6,,Y
John Frederick Waterman,M,2,,Y
Grace Martin Waterman,F,2m,,Y
National Archives, Kew.