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Sarah DAMACASTRIA (1891- )

Sarah J DAMACASTRIA, daughter of Horatio DAMACASTRIA ( - ) and Susannah CORK (1850- ), was born in 1891 in Bedminster, Bristol. She appeared in the census on 5 April 1891 in Bedminster aged 2 months.1 The address was: 19 Somerset Place. She appeared in the census on 31 March 1901 in Cardiff, Wales aged 10.2 The address was: 40 Ordell Street, Roath.


1"1891 Census". RG12.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,Where Born,Infirmity
Susannah Doncaster,Head,M,F,37,,,Rame, Cornwall,
Kate L Doncaster,Daughter,S,F,8,Scholar,,Stonehouse, Plymouth,
Arthur L Doncaster,Son,S,M,5,Scholar,,Stonehouse, Plymouth,
Blanche E Doncaster,Daughter,S,F,2,Scholar,,Bedminster, Bristol,
Sarah J Doncaster,Daughter,S,F,2m,,,Bedminster, Bristol,
National Archives, Kew.
2"1901 Census". RG13.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,At Home,Where Born,Infirmity
Kate L Damacastria,Head,S,F,19,,,,Stonehouse, Plymouth,
Blanche E Damacastria,Sister,S,F,13,,,,Bedminster, Bristol,
Polly Damacastria,Sister,S,F,10,,,,Bedminster, Bristol,
National Archives, Kew.