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Charles LINGARD (1873- )

Charles Henry LINGARD, son of John Dring LINGARD (1839- ), was born Q2 1873 in St.Johns Wood, London. Marylebone 1a/600. Charles married Mary ROBERTS on 8 April 1894 in Birmingham. Birmingham 6d/203

Used name Charles Henry Lingard at Marriage

St.Thomas Parish,? Birmingham,? Warwick,? England.


Mary ROBERTS was the daughter of William ROBERTS ( - ). She and Charles Henry LINGARD had the following children:


Ethel Annie M LINGARD (1899- ). Ethel was born Q3 1899 in Yardley, Worcestershire. Solihull 6d/629. Ethel married Ernest M TOOTAL Q1 1921 in Kings Norton, Warwickshire. Kings Norton 6d/195.

Charles Dring LINGARD (1901- ). Charles was born Q2 1901 in Yardley. Solihull 6d/630. Charles married Annie G DEAN Q2 1926 in Birmingham. Birmingham South 6d/129.

Frank Leslie LINGARD (1904- ). Frank was born on 21 February 1904 in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Bromsgrove 6c/348. Frank married Miriam HARVEY Q3 1928 in Birmingham when he was 24. Birmingham South 6d/2.

Laura Madeline LINGARD (1905- ). Laura was born Q4 1905 in Bromsgrove. Birmingham South 6d/401. Laura married William H WILSON Q2 1929 in Birmingham.