Charles ACTON (1889- )

Charles Henry R ACTON was born Q1 1889 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth. Stoke Damerel 5b/318. Charles married Lily DYER Q2 1913 in Devonport, Plymouth. Devonport 5b/682.


Lily DYER and Charles Henry R ACTON had the following children:


William C H R ACTON (1913- ). William was born Q3 1913 in Devonport. He married Dorothy M JOHNS Q2 1950 in St.Germans, Cornwall. St.Germans 7a/447.

Thomas Percy ACTON (1914- ). Thomas was born Q4 1914 in Devonport. Devonport 5b/507. Thomas married Beatrice Edith MAY Q3 1940 in St.Germans. St.Germans 5c/96.

Lilian E ACTON (1917- ). Lilian was born Q2 1917 in Plymouth, Devon. She married Roy DOWN Q4 1941 in St.Germans District. St.Germans 5c/95.

Kenneth C ACTON (1919- ). Kenneth was born Q2 1919 in Maker, Cornwall.

Charles H R ACTON (1921- ). Charles was born Q2 1921 in Maker. He married Hilda E R CRUTCHLEY Q1 1952 in St.Germans District. St.Germans 7a/425.