Jill BELCHAMBER (1942- )

Jill A BELCHAMBER was born Q2 1942 in Brentford, Middlesex. Brentford 3a/490. Jill married John Charles FARLEY Q3 1964. Middlesex South 5f/25. Jill married Ian W G MURRAY Q4 1974 in St.Germans District. St.Germans 21/0496.


John Charles FARLEY, son of Albert W FARLEY (1917-1995) and Laura A LUKE ( - ), was born. He and Jill A BELCHAMBER had the following children:


Guy Luke FARLEY (1967- ). Guy was born in 1967 in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. Richmond upon Thames 5d/1444.


Ian W G MURRAY, son of Unknown MURRAY ( - ) and Unknown HIGNETT ( - ), was born Q2 1951 in Plymouth, Devon. Plymouth 7a/698.