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Peter HARDY (1868- )

Peter HARDY, son of Richard HARDY (1830- ) and Catherine BRICKWOOD (1832-1915), was born Q4 1868 in Cawsand, Cornwall. He appeared in the census on 2 April 1871 in Cawsand aged 2.1 The address was: Garrett Street. He appeared in the census on 3 April 1881 in Cawsand aged 12.2 The address was: Millpool Head. He appeared in the census on 5 April 1891 in Cawsand aged 22.3 The address was: Rame Road. On 5 April 1891 he was a Shipwright in Cawsand.3


1"1871 Census". RG10.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born,Infirmity
Catherine Hardy,Head,Mar,F,38,Wife of Boatswain RN,Kingsand, Cornwall,
William Henry Hardy,Son,Unm,M,17,Apprentice Boatbuilder,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Jane Ann Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,16,No Occupation,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Richard Hardy,Son,Unm,M,10,Scholar,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Charles Hardy,Son,Unm,M,9,Scholar,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Catherine Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,7,Scholar,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Elizabeth Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,4,Scholar,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Peter Hardy,Son,Unm,M,2,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
National Archives, Kew.
2"1881 Census". RG11.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born,Infirmity
Richard Hardy,Head,Mar,M,50,Naval Pensioner,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Catherine Hardy,Wife,Mar,F,49,,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Richard Hardy,Son,Unm,M,20,Naval Seaman,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Charles Hardy,Son,Unm,M,19,Shipwrights Apprentice,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Elizabeth Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,14,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Peter Hardy,Son,Unm,M,12,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Mary Jane Hardy,Daughter,Unm,F,7,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
National Archives, Kew.
3"1891 Census". RG12.
Name,Relation,Condition,Sex,Age,Occupation,Employ Status,Where Born,Infirmity
Richard Hardy,Head,M,M,60,WO Retired (RN),,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Catherine Hardy,Wife,M,F,59,,,Kingsand, Cornwall,
Elizabeth Hardy,Daughter,S,F,24,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Peter Hardy,Son,S,M,22,Shipwright,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
Mary Jane Hardy,Daughter,S,F,17,,,Cawsand, Cornwall,
National Archives, Kew.