George COCK (1717- )

George COCK was born in 1717 in Gerrans, Cornwall. He married Jane BENNETT on 29 December 1748.


Jane BENNETT and George COCK had the following children:


George COCK (1749-1799). George was born in 1749. He was baptised on 25 February 1749 in Gorran, Cornwall. He married Jane HAMBLY on 30 October 1774 in Rame, Cornwall.1 He died of Drowning on 30 December 1799 in Cawsand, Cornwall aged 50. He was buried in 1800 in Rame. The address was: Rame Church. In memory of George Cock who departed this life 30th day of December 1799 aged 50 years.

He fell into the waves, no more he rose,

three sons stood round and saw the sad event,

no more on earth he sees his friends or foes,

none could with all their care, his death prevent.

Eight weeks he lay beneath the briney waves,

then near the spot he fell, his corpse was found

then brought onshore and lain within the grave.

Tho' strange but true his body was found.

What millions die by Neptunes foaming waves

and millions die by accident on land.

Jane COCK (1753-1754). Jane was born in 1753 in Gerrans. She was baptised on 11 June 1753 in Gerrans. She died in 1754 in Gerrans.

Michael COCK (1756- ). Michael was born in 1756 in Gerrans. He was baptised on 19 April 1756 in Gerrans. He married Sarah ANDREW on 30 January 1776 in Maker, Cornwall.

Jane COCK (1762- ). Jane was born in 1762 in Gerrans. She was baptised on 30 May 1762 in Gerrans. She married Richard PETERS on 23 November 1784 in Gerrans.


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