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Harry LULY (1878-1964)

James Henry LULY (known as 'Harry'), son of John LULY (1848-1927) and Sarah STREVENS (1853-1920), was born Q2 1878 in Kingsand, Cornwall.1 He appeared in the census on 3 April 1881 in Kingsand aged 4.2 The address was: Fore Street. He appeared in the census on 5 April 1891 in Kingsand aged 13.3 The address was: Fore Street. He married Mary Emma NOAD Q1 1908.4 He died in 1964 in Rame, Cornwall.


Mary Emma NOAD, daughter of Andrew NOAD (1832-1886) and Eliza GREVILLE (1841- ), was born Q3 1883 in Rame. St.Germans 5c/31. She and James Henry LULY had the following children:


Majorie Mary E LULY (1908- ). Majorie was born Q4 1908 in Kingsand. St.Germans 5c/59. Majorie married Harold G WINCHESTER Q3 1934 in St.Germans District.

Dorothea J D LULY (1912-1913). Dorothea was born Q1 1912 in Kingsand.5 She died Q4 1913 in Kingsand.

Joyce E LULY (1914-1927). Joyce was born Q4 1914 in Kingsand.6 She died Q3 1927 in Kingsand.

Pamela B LULY (1924- ). Pamela was born on 22 February 1924 in Kingsand.7 She married Stanley Roy SHEPHERD Q2 1945 in St.Germans District. St.Germans 5c/58

Pamela B Luly - named in Marriage Index as LUBY.


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