Horace BURRIDGE (1851-1925)

Horace William BURRIDGE was born in 1851 in St.Albans, Hertfordshire. In 1873 he was an Army Private in HM 2nd Regiment of Foot. He married Lavinia PARFORD Q1 1873 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth. He died in 1925 in Southwark, London.


Lavinia PARFORD, daughter of John PARFORD (1823-1898) and Maria Jane MCCONNELL (1824-1906), was born Q3 1855 in Cawsand, Cornwall. She appeared in the census in 1861 in Cawsand aged 6. The address was: Beach Terrace. She appeared in the census in 1871 in Cawsand aged 15. The address was: Cawsand Bay View. She was baptised on 7 December 1873 in Rame, Cornwall. She died in 1930 in Southwark.


Lavinia Parford met Horace Burridge when he was a soldier of the Hilltop 2nd Regiment stationed at The Raglan Barracks, Plymouth, Devon. Only seventeen and refused parental consent and locked in her bedroom because she refused to stop seeing him , she and Horace eloped .Horace crossed Cawsand Bay by rowboat and Lavinia left the house by descending from her bedroom by ladder and Horace rowed them back across the Bay. They were married in Plymouth.

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Date 22nd Jan. 1873

Location Cawsand, Cornwall, England.March 1873.


Stoke Damerel 5b/509.


Lavinia PARFORD and Horace William BURRIDGE had the following children:


Alice Wilhelmina BURRIDGE (1873- ). Alice was born in 1873. She was baptised on 7 December 1873 in Rame.

John BURRIDGE (1876- ). John was born in 1876.

Florence Maud BURRIDGE (1881- ). Florence was born in 1881.

Thomas W BURRIDGE (1884- ). Thomas was born in 1884.

Eva Maud BURRIDGE (1886- ). Eva was born in 1886.

Mary Jane Alma BURRIDGE (1888- ). Mary was born in 1888.

Harry George BURRIDGE (1894-1976). Harry was born in 1894. He died in 1976.