Mary TOMS (1804-1849)

Mary Ann Eliza TOMS was born on 29 November 1804. She married Nathaniel JAGO on 25 September 1826 in East Stonehouse, Plymouth. She died of Cholera on 7 September 1849 in Kingsand, Cornwall.


Nathaniel JAGO, son of George JAGO (1769-1841) and Catherine WILLIAMS (1765-1848), was born on 20 November 1801 in Kingsand. He married Martha SPRIDDLE on 23 January 1856 in Maker, Cornwall. He appeared in the census in 1861 in Kingsand aged 60. The address was: Back Street. In 1861 he was a Waterman in Kingsand aged 60. He died on 21 April 1861 in Kingsand. He and Mary Ann Eliza TOMS had the following children:


Jane Toms JAGO (1830-1888). Jane was born in 1830 in Kingsand. She married John Snell BICKFORD on 23 January 1856 in Maker. She died Q4 1888.

Nathaniel JAGO (1831- ). Nathaniel was born in 1831 in Kingsand. He was baptised in 1832. He married Elizabeth PEARN on 28 February 1856 in Maker.

Richard JAGO (1834-1900). Richard was born in 1834 in Kingsand. He married Juliet Margaret HEATH on 11 February 1856 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth. He died in 1900. He was buried on 3 June 1900 in Maker.

George JAGO (1836- ). George was born in 1836 in Kingsand.

John Edward JAGO (1839- ). John was born Q1 1839 in Kingsand. He married Ann JENKIN on 8 November 1858 in Devonport, Plymouth. He appeared in the census in 1871 in Icklesham, Sussex aged 34. The address was: Rye Harbour Coastguard Station. In 1871 he was a Coastguard in Icklesham aged 34.

Elizabeth JAGO (1841- ). Elizabeth was born in 1841 in Kingsand. She married James BATTRIS on 8 August 1860 in Devonport.

William James JAGO (1844- ). William was born in 1844 in Kingsand. He was baptised on 10 March 1844. He was a Seaman RN. He married Jane JOHNS on 5 January 1869 in Devonport.