John BICKFORD (1833-1883)

John Snell BICKFORD was born in 1833 in St.Johns, Cornwall. He married Jane Toms JAGO on 23 January 1856 in Maker, Cornwall. He died Q1 1883.


Jane Toms JAGO, daughter of Nathaniel JAGO (1801-1861) and Mary Ann Eliza TOMS (1804-1849), was born in 1830 in Kingsand, Cornwall. She died Q4 1888. She and John Snell BICKFORD had the following children:


Elizabeth BICKFORD (1858- ). Elizabeth was born Q2 1858 in Millbrook, Cornwall.

John BICKFORD (1860- ). John was born in 1860 in Millbrook.

James BICKFORD (1866- ). James was born in 1866 in Millbrook.