William PEAIN (1826-1899)

William Littleton PEAIN was born in 1826 in Millbrook, Cornwall. He married Arrabella LANDREY Q2 1847 in Stoke Damerel, Plymouth. In 1872 he was a Ropemaker. He died in 1899 in Millbrook.


Arrabella LANDREY was born in 1829 in Newpassage, Devon. She died Q1 1872 in Millbrook. She and William Littleton PEAIN had the following children:


Emma PEAIN (1849- ). Emma was born in 1849 in Newpassage. She married Edward ELLIOTT on 3 May 1877 in Maker, Cornwall.

James PEAIN (1851- ). James was born in 1851 in Newpassage. He was a Shipwright. He married Amelia Adelaide WEEKS on 21 April 1872 in Maker.

William Littleton PEAIN (1852- ). William was born Q4 1852 in Millbrook. He married Mary Eliza CARNE on 6 September 1873 in Maker.

Ann PEAIN (1854-1872). Ann was born Q4 1854 in Millbrook. She died Q3 1872 in Millbrook.

John PEAIN (1857- ). John was born in 1857 in Millbrook.

Arrabella PEAIN (1858-1871). Arrabella was born Q3 1858 in Millbrook. She died Q4 1871 in Millbrook.